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The Solar Electric House
Steven Strong's Classic Book: The Solar Electric House

A consumer's guide to solar home design, by the pre-eminent authority on renewable energy systems.

global reach

SDA and President Steven Strong are active participants in international projects that foster innovative energy solutions worldwide.

For the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology in Saudi Arabia, SDA fielded the largest-yet rooftop solar system in the Kingdom. The system features both PV and solar thermal technologies.
U.S. Diplomatic mission to the U.N. In 2005, SDA completed work on the first United States diplomatic post with a building-integrated solar energy system, at the U.S. Mission to the United Nations in Geneva Switzerland.

SDA has consulted on many projects with ecotourism resort developments worldwide. Examples are a Belize resort with the largest solar power system in the Caribbean, and several projects in the Bahamas.

In 1983 SDA provided engineering support to Mobil Oil Corporation for the design and construction of a PV-powered, reverse-osmosis water desalination plant in Saudi Arabia.

The facility was constructed to supply a desert village with purified drinking water and includes primary and secondary purification equipment and potable water storage - all powered by solar elecricity.

  • SDA has designed solar energy systems for the US Embassies in Nigeria, Rwanda, Liberia, Cyprus, Greece and Spain.
  • In 1996, Steven Strong was appointed by the International Energy Agency as Chair of the first International Conference on Solar Electric Buildings held in the US in March 1996.

  • Mr. Strong assisted the IEA in organizing the 1994 International Design Competition on Photovoltaics in the Built Environment. He was invited by the Netherlands Office of Energy and Environment to serve on their design jury.

  • Appointed in 1993 by the U.S. Department of Energy to be U.S. representative to the International Energy Agency, Mr. Strong participated in a five-year international collaboration on the development of photovoltaic systems for buildings. An expert group of engineers and architects from 15 countries including Japan, Switzerland, Canada, the UK and Germany, worked to construct and evaluate PV-powered buildings around the world. The group helped develop international standards for utility interface and PV / BIPV product performance and produced a design manual of recommended practice published in Europe, the US and Japan.
Solar Design Associates welcomes inquiries for new projects worldwide, that include the use of solar electric, solar thermal or wind power applications in commercial, government or residential buildings. Contact us to initiate a conversation about your proposed project.