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Wind power is now the fastest growing source of new electricity in the world, experiencing over forty per cent annual compounded growth.

Wind farms and individual wind turbines are springing up worldwide, providing small and large amounts of clean, quiet, non-polluting power.

IBEW Local 103 erected Boston's first wind turbine  Wind turbine at Massachusetts Maritime Academy
Wind turbines serve a broad range of energy needs.

At SDA, we have experience in the design, engineering, siting and construction of wind turbines in all sizes, ranging from residential to commercial and utility-scale applications. When favorable wind resources are available, we will recommend, specify and source wind power applications as a major factor in your renewable-energy solution.

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Wind Energy
is Solar Energy

Mass. Maritime wind turbine
Massachusetts Maritime Academy wind turbine at the western mouth of the Cape Cod Canal.

  • Wind is generated by differences in air pressure between land masses and bodies of water, as solar radiation heats land and water at different rates.
  • On and near large bodies of water, airflow is more consistent, and the radiant energy of the sun is reliably converted to the kinetic energy of wind.
  • SDA engineered the utility-scale wind turbine installation shown at left.
Wind Energy is Community-friendly
IBEW wind turbine in Boston
Electricians' Union turbine in Boston

Wind Energy is Cost-effective
Tofte Cabin wind turbine
Wind turbine at the Tofte Cabin in Minnesota

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