Steven Strong's
The Solar Electric House
Steven Strong's Classic Book: The Solar Electric House

A consumer's guide to solar home design, by the pre-eminent authority on renewable energy systems.

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Leading the transition to a post-petroleum society through renewable energy and sustainable design.
Creating carbon-neutral, zero-energy buildings powered by photovoltaics, solar thermal and wind energy.

Founded in 1974 by noted solar advocate, designer and author
Steven J. Strong, Solar Design Associates has earned a global reputation for its pioneering leadership in the renewable energy field.

Solar Design works with architects, engineers and commercial building owners, as well as private and institutional clients, in the quest for excellence and innovation in solar electric, solar thermal and wind energy systems.

Our pioneering work in building integration (BIPV) keeps us in the forefront of sustainable energy product development and zero-energy building design. SDA also continues to build alliances with solar power developers and electric utilities.

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