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Steven Strong's
The Solar Electric House
Steven Strong's Classic Book: The Solar Electric House

A consumer's guide to solar home design, by the pre-eminent authority on renewable energy systems.

The Solar Electric House

by Steven J. Strong

"The Solar Electric House" provides an excellent introduction to living with solar electricity, with a special emphasis on residential case studies. Solar electric system options and economics are covered along with system components, system sizing and performance, installation and maintenance requirements. (276 pages, indexed and fully illustrated)

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excerpts from the book:

. . .[Photovoltaics] come to us at a time when conventional systems of generation and delivery are plagued by unpredictable shortages followed by temporary surpluses, incredible cost overruns, and highly unstable price structures...In this time of frustration and change, what sort of world will a technology as radically different as photovoltaics help create?...

...This book is about the solar generation of electricity and the ways in which it can be put to use in the households of the 1990's and beyond...The chapters that follow will explain how the photovoltaic principle works to transform sunlight directly into electricity, what sort of hardware does the job, how the source is hitched to the load, and how to go about designing a system appropriate to a specific need. . .

The History and Development of Photovoltaics
Photovoltaic System Options and Economics
Photovoltaic Modules and Arrays
Voltage Regulators, Battery Chargers, and Storage Batteries
Inverters, Backup Generators and System Controls
Determining Your Electricity Requirements
Utility-Interactive Photovoltaic Systems
Stand-Alone Photovoltaic Systems
Installing Your Photovoltaic System
Photovoltaic System Wiring and Maintenance
The Solar Electric House

"Energy for the Environmentally Responsible, Energy-Independent Home"

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