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Steven Strong's
The Solar Electric House
Steven Strong's Classic Book: The Solar Electric House

A consumer's guide to solar home design, by the pre-eminent authority on renewable energy systems.


Wind Energy

Solar Thermal

Zero-Energy Buildings

articles about SDA and Steven Strong

New Hampshire Environmental Education Center proves value of solar in cold climates.
Solar Design Associates teams with architect and environmental center on a super-efficient building.
(Article in pdf - 749k)

Maritime Academy Harnesses the Wind
Solar Design Associates has teamed with Cape Wind and contractor Jay Cashman to design, engineer and install the first state-owned wind turbine in Massachusetts, at the Massachusetts Maritime Academy in Bourne, MA.
(Article in pdf - 20k)

Boston's First Wind Turbine Serves as Example
Solar Design Associates partnered with Local 103 of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers to install the first commercial-scale wind turbine within the City of Boston.
(Article in pdf - 22k)

Solar Design in the News
Solar Design Associates designs innovative BIPV curtainwall for Tiger Woods Center in Anaheim, CA.
"The curtainwall design is both curved and sloped, requiring us to specify BIPV modules of differing size and shape as well as differing light transmission." says SDA President Steven Strong. (Article in pdf - 18k)

New England's Largest Solar PV System Online
Solar Design Associates has completed work on the largest photovoltaic system in New England, at the MassInnovation, LLC mill complex in Fitchburg, Massachusetts.
(Article in pdf - 20k)

Solar Array to Power New Life for Massachusetts Mill Building
Solar Design Associates has designed a solar array for MassInnovation, LLC's renovated mill complex--the largest solar array in New England to date.
(Article in pdf - 21k)

Solar Power Advocate Explores Possibilities
"In a dramatic demonstration last night, Steven Strong, president of Solar Design Associates, gave a lecture exploring the sustainability and cost-efficiency of widespread solar power to students, faculty, staff and others."
(Article in pdf - 18k)

Forbes Magazine Talks with Steven Strong About the Blackout-Proof Home
For Steven J. Strong, founder and president of Solar Design Associates, this summer's massive blackout is the best sales pitch he's ever had.
(Article in pdf - 23k)

U.S. Mission to UN Set to Go Green With Solar Project
Solar Design Associates has designed a solar electric system for the U.S. Mission to the United Nations in Geneva, making it the first United States diplomatic building with a building-integrated solar electric (BIPV) system.
(Article in pdf - 20k)

Steven Strong Designs Three Renewable Energy Systems for White House
Steven Strong was with President Carter when he dedicated the first solar energy application at the White House in June 1979. It was fitting, then, that Strong should be invited back 25 years later to design three new solar energy systems for the White House.
(Article in pdf - 63k)

Shell Solar, PowerLight System Captures Award
The MATCH School of Boston, Massachusetts has been recognized as one of the Northeast's most innovative, efficient, and resource-smart new architectural gems at the Northeast Green Building Awards in Boston. Solar Design Associates designed the school's rooftop PV array.
(Article in pdf - 18k)

Time Magazine Names Steven J. Strong an Environmental Hero
" Strong has based his professional life on two design principles that he repeats like mantras--solar energy and energy efficiency," writes Christopher Hallowell of Time Magazine. "To counteract what he calls 'blissful ignorance' of solar energy among architects and policymakers, Strong criss-crosses the country to drum up acceptance."
(Article in pdf - 58k)

Solar Design Advances the Use of Solar Technology
"Dramatic leaps in the application of solar technology are being made in the architectural and engineering work of Solar Design Associates," writes Pat Murphy of the Environmental News Network (ENN). "The company uses large, custom-made photovoltaic panels as walls, atriums and skylights to generate power in new buildings."
(Article in pdf - 165k)

Five Experts Predict the Future of Solar Energy
Wired Magazine asked five experts--Christopher Flavin, Frank Goodman, NREL, Donald Osborn, and Steven Strong--to shed some light on the future of solar power technology.
(Article in pdf - 103k)

Solar Design Associates consults to architects, engineers and building owners in the integration of solar electric power, and to industry leaders and manufacturers on creative product development for building innovation.

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