Steven Strong's
The Solar Electric House
Steven Strong's Classic Book: The Solar Electric House

A consumer's guide to solar home design, by the pre-eminent authority on renewable energy systems.

sda's unique services:

Renewable Systems Engineering
Comprehensive engineering services for solar electric, solar thermal, wind and other renewable energy systems.
Providing a single source of responsibility for solar thermal, photovoltaic and wind systems on a turnkey basis.
Construction Management
Offering management services for a project's construction phase.
Education & Advocacy
Ongoing efforts to guide, inform, and encourage the use of sustainable technologies; resources for:

services for:

Offering architects a single source of responsibility for integrating renewable energy with their projects.
Engineers & Green Building Consultants
SDA's expertise in renewable energy consulting extends from concept design to commissioning
Commercial Building Owners, Developers and Managers
Providing solar thermal, wind and photovoltaic applications for existing and new buildings.
Private Residential Clients
Designing environmentally responsive, self-reliant homes that produce their own energy.
Government, NGO & Non-profit Organizations
Planning, design and contracting of renewable energy systems.
Schools & Colleges
Sustainable energy projects providing both energy and education to school communities.
Public Utilities
Working with traditional energy suppliers to incorporate renewables into their operations.
Labor Unions
Working cooperatively with labor unions to take renewable energy mainstream.