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IBEW 103 Boston
SDA's Steven Strong on the roof of IBEW 103 in Boston with wind and solar systems.

SDA President Steven Strong with IBEW President Ed Hill
IBEW President Ed Hill and Steven Strong of SDA

IBEW electical worker with PV system
Photovoltaics and other renewable energy applications are moving to the forefront of American construction.
SDA strongly supports American labor as it positions itself for the transformation of the energy industry.

With the global renewable energy industry growing at 40% per year, labor unions

  • see wide opportunities ahead for their members
  • recognize the need for competent design and execution of energy-conscious 21st century building projects
  • are assuming a leadership role in the training and skill building of workers to meet the growing need for competence in renewables.

Union members are learning to work with solar electric, solar thermal and wind energy systems. Perhaps more importantly, they are enthusiastically integrating renewable energy applications into union buildings, including the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers' National Headquarters in Washington, D.C.

IBEW Wind turbine Boston
IBEW Local 103 erected Boston's first wind turbine at its regional training center.
Public awareness is growing about alternative fuels, conservation and renewable energy choices.   From hybrid cars to wind farms, renewable energy applications are gaining public mindshare.

Team with Solar Design Associates to:
  • Help assess your renewable energy opportunities
  • Design and install renewable energy systems at your facilities
Electrical workers are learning new skills
Union electricians are learning and adapting to renewable technologies.
Increasingly, many buildings are producing at least some, and eventually all, of their own energy. The design, installation and maintenance implications of this change will require a new paradigm for the American workforce. SDA is helping union workers to form the vanguard of this technology revolution.

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