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Steven Strong's
The Solar Electric House
Steven Strong's Classic Book: The Solar Electric House

A consumer's guide to solar home design, by the pre-eminent authority on renewable energy systems.

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21st Century Farmstead - Zero-energy in Northern New England

Custom Design

Celebrated solar house in Maine
SDA's creative approach to zero-energy design doesn't stop at solar panels on the roof.

Zero-Carbon Footprint

first totally solar house in North America
SDA designed and built the first solar-powered, zero-energy home in the world.
Solar Design Associates
has over 30 years' experience in custom energy-conscious home design.

We aesthetically integrate renewable-energy into the design of every home:

Integrated Systems

grid-interactive solar-powered home SDA designs your custom solar home for beauty, comfort and ease of maintenance.

Energy Self-reliance

SDA works with you and your architect
SDA will collaborate with you and your architect on renewable energy systems engineering for your new home.
SDA collaborates with you to create an elegant, simple-to-maintain home environment that reflects your unique needs:
  • We provide complete design/engineering services, or can partner with your local architect to design state of the art renewable-energy solutions for your new home

  • We'll assist you with land selection and site orientation

  • Our grid-interactive systems export surplus electricity to the local utility network - battery back-up is available when the utility fails

  • We also design grid-independent systems - such as those on remote islands - that use a bank of batteries for on-site electrical storage.
a happy homemaker

This homeowner loves her energy-independent home.

Declare your independence from fossil fuels - build an energy-conscious home with Solar Design Associates.
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We would be pleased to explore design options for your custom-built solar home at no obligation. Additional details and references from our residential clients are available upon request.

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